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Silent Type Generator
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Trailer diesel generator
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Digital Inverter Generator

Set electronic technology company always consider for the customer, the partners things as their own thing, to provide customers with the most competitive in the market of the unit, and make every effort to meet customer demand for electricity.
Introduction enterprise:
Xi'an Plcgen Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.
Xi'an Plcgen Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. is a set of diesel generator set a "R & D, design, production, sales and service in one of the manufacturing system engineering company. Tel: 029-85535392. The company is located in the world -- Shaanxi ancient city of Xi'an, engaged in diesel generating set R & D, production, sales and service for more than 10 years, customers all over the world.
Xi'an Plcgen Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. has a modern production plant and advanced equipment of power generating units in the production of complete sets of equipment, has perfect globalization parts procurement system. Has the ability to detect strong R & D strength and perfect product. According to the individual needs of customized products, and provide the factory inspection qualified certificate. The company attaches importance to product innovation, has obtained 12 utility model patents, and received the honorary title of private technology enterprises in Xi'an city.
Xi'an Plcgen Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. the company's products include: Volvo generators, generator sets, Perkins Cummings generator, DEUTZ generator, PLCGEN generator sets, lighting power unit, portable generator set, mobile generator set. The power is from 5KW to 2500KW, covering the general power use and various special purpose generator, including the silent type, container type, mobile power station, automation, multiple grid connected type, remote centralized monitoring type power products, to meet the needs of different types of customers of the standby power supply.
Brand diesel engine by the use of the main:
Cummins (Cummins), Volvo (Volvo), Perkins (Perkins), Kubota (Kubota), Deutz (John Deere, DEUTZ) and other series diesel generating sets, can meet the needs of different customers. Since the products on the market has been well received by users. Provide all kinds of brush, s brushless, automation, four protection, self starting, low noise and low energy consumption and high quality mobile generators, widely used in urban factories, hotels, commercial buildings, road and bridge construction, railway, mine field operation and remote mountainous areas.
Xi'an Jichuang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. mall brand strategy, adhere to the "strict, standardized, truth-seeking, innovative" purpose, and strive to achieve the "people-oriented, quality win, service protection, creating famous brand" objectives. Xi'an Jichuang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. products a wide range of user. At present already best-selling PLCGEN brand diesel generator set in Africa, Australia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other places, highly praised by domestic and foreign engineering expert and diesel generator terminal user.
Xi'an Jichuang Electronic Technology Co., pay attention to quality management, has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, CE certification, certification, Theil 14000 environmental management system certification, 18000 occupational health and safety management system certification certificate.
Xi'an Plcgen Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. Ltd. business scope covers the whole world, is committed to developing the international market. The development goal of the company is: in 5 years become anti speaker diesel engine set R & D and production base of the northwest region's largest.
The development of Xi'an set purpose electronic technology Co. Ltd: providing the power equipment is better for the world, make people's life more quality.
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