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Open Type Generator
- Cummins Open Type Generator
- Perkins Open Type Generator
Silent Type Generator
- Cummins Silent Generator
- Perkins Silent Generator
Container Type Generator
- Cummins Container Generator
- Perkins Container Generator
Trailer diesel generator
- Cummins diesel generator set
Digital Inverter Generator

·The birth of the first diesel machine in the world.. 2009-05-08
·The world's first generator 2009-05-08
·Ordinary type diesel generator parts 2009-05-08
··Principle of diesel generator set 2009-05-08
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·Import generators and domestic units 2011-03-08
·Purchase of diesel generating set points to note 2011-05-08
·Part of the ordinary type of diesel generator set 2012-05-08
·Silencing engineering diesel generator set 2013-05-08
·How to correctly use and maintenance of diesel generator sets on the starter battery 2014-05-08
·Rules of operation for the generator safety technology 2014-06-08
·Rules of operation for the generator safety technology 2014-07-08
·Rules of operation for the generator safety technology 2014-08-08
·Rules of operation for the generator safety technology 2014-09-08
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