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  Perkins (Kang Mingsi) series diesel generating sets, power range (20-2000KVA), noise silent unit values: 63-76 DB @7 meters, open set noise values: 85-110 DB @7 meters; widely used in telecommunications, industrial, leasing, outdoor engineering, mining, military and other fields.  
Trailer Type Generator Sets Detailed Arguments    Download 
  Trailer Type Generator Sets  
  380V/220V, 3ph,1500 Rpm  50HZ 440V/254V-415V/240V-400V/230V-220V/127V-200V/115V 
Genset Model Prime power Engine Model Alternator model Detailed arguments
机组型号 KVA KW Engine model  model Click Download
TG30S 30 24 4B3.9-G1 PI144G PI144G Download
TG60S 60 48 4BTA3.9-G2 UCI224E UCI224E Download
TG100S 100 88 6BT5.9-G1 UCI274C UCI274C Download
TG130S 130 104 6BTAA5.9-G2 UCI274E UCI274E Download
TG175S 175 140 6CTA8.3-G2 UCI274G UCI274G Download
TG200S 200 160 6CTAA8.3-G2 UCI274H UCI274H Download
1, the base oil tank: our 500KW (including) the following unit has its full hour can meet the 6-8 base oil tank (company can provide increased 12-24 hours base tank), without adding external customer daily oil tank and can save space. 2, sheet metal processing technology: anti speakers, the base unit, a control box, switch box after spray treatment (powder paint, strong anti corrosion structure), can ensure the unit operation for more than 5 years do not fade, fade. 3, our standard varta battery: unit maintenance free batteries, the quality is much higher than that of lead-acid batteries, and do not need to add battery fluid. 4, switch: our standard credit (below 800A), Delisi (above 800A) switch, are well-known brands, switch to meet the national mandatory CCC certification, UL certification, CE certification. 5, unit assembly: the whole unit is compact, with European damping system, equipped with stainless steel bellows exhaust muffler or silencer, with civilian industry, the whole unit of low noise, stable performance. 6, unit humanization design: mute box with convenient refueling and water device, fast insertion type power output is convenient, safe, man-machine interface, all-round monitoring, set design, production and testing in full compliance with the national standard GB/T2820-97 and European CE safety standards.
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