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Open Type Generator
- Cummins Open Type Generator
- Perkins Open Type Generator
Silent Type Generator
- Cummins Silent Generator
- Perkins Silent Generator
Container Type Generator
- Cummins Container Generator
- Perkins Container Generator
Trailer diesel generator
- Cummins diesel generator set
Digital Inverter Generator
  Solution scheme
Industrial power
Emergency power supply
Energy leasing
Mining equipment
Municipal Energy
Power generation
Military operation
Geological exploration
Natural disaster

  Plcgen existing products electronic technology company's main products have complete equipment supporting the use of generators, soundproof unit, ATS electrical cabinet, parallel equipment, air compressor and other series of power equipment and engineering. From the application point of view, including field units, residential units, marine units, commercial mobile unit, ATS electrical cabinet and ancillary equipment, air compressor. Generating unit is currently our main production. According to the regional and national differences, there are 50HZ, 60HZ and many other range, voltage range of 480/277-440/254V-415/240V-400/230/127V-200/115V.
Brand diesel engine by the use of the main:
Cummins, Volvo, Perkins, Kubota, Isuzu, Deutz, Powerlink, John, Deere etc., can meet the needs of different customers.
Open Type generator
The use of Cummings, Perkins, VOLVO, Kubota and other small engine, to realize the high power output, high torque, easy maintenance
Power output range: 7-1760kw microcomputer modular operation; all-round monitoring
Cummins Open Type Generator   Perkins Open Type Generator   Volvo Open Type Generator
Silent Type Generator
Ultra low emission and low noise, with CE, ISO9000, ISO14000 certification; diesel generating sets are available 8 hours daily oil tank base
Noise level: 7 meters at 75db (A) the following
Cummins Silent Type Generator Perkins Silent Type Generator Volvo Silent Type Generator
Container Type Generator
Mute type structure, widely used as outdoor power equipment, standby power plant civil construction engineering and assembly
All weather type, can be arranged on the outside, do not need to build the generator room dedicated; power is 600-1500KW, can be matched according to the generating units of various brands of user requirements
Cummins Container Type Generator   Perkins Container Type Generator   Volvo Container Type Generator
Double power switching system (ATS) & parallel system
Diesel generator parallel system   Double power switching system (ATS)   Diesel generator parallel system
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