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Service commitment
Service system

Open Type Generator
- Cummins Open Type Generator
- Perkins Open Type Generator
Silent Type Generator
- Cummins Silent Generator
- Perkins Silent Generator
Container Type Generator
- Cummins Container Generator
- Perkins Container Generator
Trailer diesel generator
- Cummins diesel generator set
Digital Inverter Generator
Service commitment
Xi'an PLCGEN a will to meet the needs of users for the purpose, long-term to provide users with spare parts, pure technical consultation, installation guide, free debugging, unit reform and personnel training. The quality of user feedback received, a response within 24 hours or sent to customer service service staff, arrived at the scene as soon as possible, so that users are not satisfied with the service does not stop.
Service system
One, before sales service
Professional engineers to provide users with technical advice and planning matching guidance pre-sale, such as unit selection, matching, computer room design, troubleshooting problems encountered in the use of the user and provide the relevant technical guidance;
Two, the sale of services
I notice immediately after receipt of the user to send professional and technical personnel to the installation site to know the unit installation and commissioning, and acceptance with the users to do the work;
Three, after-sales service
1, provide free room design, power distribution design;
2, free guide installation, commissioning;
3, free of charge to the user's operation and maintenance personnel to carry out technical training and consulting;
4, guide maintenance;
5, the end user to build customer files, tracking service, regular inspection and maintenance of life;
6, the company perennial provide authentic spare parts, and maintenance engineers ready to provide technical assistance for you.
  1, the warranty period: one year or a total of 1000 hours of operation (both whichever occurs first), such as negligence because the factory assembled, parts damaged or set or the design and selection of raw materials due to improper other failures, both by the supplier is responsible for the warranty;
2, diesel generator set of wearing parts, accessories for daily use, damage due to human error, negligence caused by maintenance, not in the warranty. Warranty other than the cost of all components are available to provide service personnel arrived at the scene, customers or to repair units in the factory factory, to the normal use.
  Dear friends, if you are on my company's products and services of interest, and have the intention to buy the products you need, please fill in the following order; to receive your information, we will contact you in time.  
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